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University Meal Program

A service design project aimed at bettering the multiple stakeholder experiences at Pratt Brooklyn for their meal programs offered to students. 

-Service Design-

UI UX Portfolio Bhavna pisto (7).png

UX Consultation: PWCC

A project concluding my role as a UX consultant for our client- Port Washington Children's Center, where we addressed their concerns, conducted usability testing, and provided recommendations.

-UX Research-

SaveShare (1).png

SaveShare- Bill splitter

A design of a bill-splitting app that solves the problem of item sorting and requesting money from friends. 

-UX Research-

UI UX Portfolio Bhavna pisto (6).png

NYC Parks Redesign

A semester-long project where we redesigned the popularly used website to cater to our target audience better and ensure a smoother experience.

-UX Design-

UI UX Portfolio Bhavna pisto (8).png

Cibus - Nutrition tracker

A product design project aimed at helping parents ensure and encourage healthy nutritional habits for children. 


-Product Design-

UI UX Portfolio Bhavna pisto (9).png

Visual Design ✨

A compilation of Visual designs I created such as interactive boards, pixel art, book covers, websites, apps, and more!

-Visual Design-

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